Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wine Bottle Cake

My brother in law asked me for a cake for his wife's birthday. They are having a wine party and he wanted the cake to be red, zebra and wine.. This is what I came up with.... Love it!

The zebra is Wilton's Sugar Sheets, the red is Duff fondant, the white around the bottle is white chocolate shavings and the bottle was made by making a gum paste mold of a real bottle of wine. The wine label was printed using edible ink and a frosting sheet. Everything you see is edible.


  1. I love it Tee!That wine bottle is amazing. <3 Rayleine

  2. OMG Tee, you've outdone urself, the cake is amazing!

  3. Thanks Girls!!! I couldn't of gotten it done without the help of my hubby.. Rhoda, next time I should call your hubby over.. LOL