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God's Blessings

It has been awhile since I have posted on my personal BLOG but thought today I would share with you how God has blessed my life and how I almost lost seeing the big picture.

I have owned my store now almost 2 years and I finally feel like I am in a good place. It has been an amazing journey filled with so many friends helping but I look back and see the daily struggles and looking forward looked the same.   I just kept asking GOD to show me how to remain successful and PLEASE don't let me lose my DREAM.

In the past two weeks my life has changed...Here's how.
I KNOW having a social network is important but where do I find the time? I am not good at posting, getting people excited about product.  One day I met this woman, Leticia, who was just beautiful on the inside and out.  We began talking and I hired her on as a teacher not realizing her talents lie in SOCIAL NETWORKING.... GOD IS GOOD

THEN my sister Lisa has posted on Facebook that she was worried about losing hours at he…