Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Easter Candy Box Tutorial - Create a Critter

My girlfriend, Jearise, talked me into making a tutorial video on how to make this cute 3D candy box using Create a Critter.   I must admit it didn't take much to be talked into it. I think the entire conversation was

ME: Maybe I will make a new video with this??
Jearise: I think you should.
ME: Ok, I will make it!

Haha, so here you are - my newest video tutorial.

I did go into the settings of my cricut and changed the UNITS to 1/10 vs 1/4.

Would love some feedback on my video - the good, the bad and the ugly. Wait, no bad or ugly... :)

Oval is cut at:
3 @ 4.7
1 @ 4.5
1 @ 4.4

Chick and cracked egg is cut at 3
Strips are cut at 2" and 1 1/2" scored at the 1/2"

Thanks for watching ~~Tee


  1. The video talks you through it step by step and when you're done you have the cutest chickie box around. Jearise in Lorby's world and I'm not just saying that because she mentioned me in your blog. : )

  2. Adorable... love it!!! might have to make some for my grandchildren...

  3. Cute project, thanks so much for the video, I love hearing ur voice walking me through step by step. I can't wait to do this chicky u make it look easy

  4. Great video...made me 'sign up' for your blog...will try this myself..

  5. This is so cute! Great teaching style,too!

  6. Love this candy box! Great tutorial. I'll have to try this one.

  7. This is so cute! I wish I had this cartridge.

  8. Great job ob the Video and the project.. Sorry I missed your class. Been down with a really bad cold since last Saturday. Miserable.
    Hi to the girls.
    Barbara Craft Me This


  9. Love the videos! Anya and I were enjoying your latest creation and the walk through! Wonderful. Love,love, love your blog and videos. Please give us more!

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