Thursday, February 7, 2013

Be Mine - Valentines Cookies using Royal Icing Transfer

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share with you the cookies I made using the Animals and Bugs Printable from The Cutting Cafe.

Supplies you will need:
1) Animal and Bugs Printable found "here" for purchase. The file is only $2.50
2) Several colors of Royal Icing. You can find a recipe for the 10 second rule consistency at Sweetopia found "here"
3) Wax Paper
4) Tape
5) Toothpicks

 Begin by taping individual sheets of wax paper over your image with wax side up. Begin by outlining the images then fill in. For the turtle, I first outlined with a darker pink, let it crust up then filled in with a lighter pink.  I outlined the elephant's ear first, let it crust then filled the rest of the elephant in. 

I created eyes for each animal off to the side of the wax paper to add after the royal icing completely hardens up, about 24 hours to keep from the item breaking.  I did some of the outlining, hearts and legs directly on the cookie after I placed the animals. Smaller pieces tend to break easier taking it off the wax paper.

 Hope this post inspires you to give your hand a try with royal icing transfers. Anyone that can trace and do these, plus if you don't like the way it looks whip the wax paper off or replace it and start over....



  1. totally undoubtedly the most cuteness love

  2. very nice, I did this many years ago glad to see it coming back

  3. Wowza!!! This is fabulous Tee. Now I want a cookie. :)

  4. OMG, how clever! And really cute too!