Saturday, July 7, 2012

New flowers from Flower Shoppe

Here are some roses I made using Flower Shoppe - - I think these are my favorite so far!!!

Here is how I made them..

1) Cut 4 flowers at the size of your choice. The yellow/orange are at 2" and the pink is at 2 1/2".  Ink your edges on both sides.

2)  Using something round and cup each pedal and glue the tab to close flowers.

3)  Cut down each pedal very close to the center.

4) Take one pedal from one flower and roll into a cone. This is the center of your flower.

5) Take all the other pedals on this one flower and wrap around the center.

6) Cut the bottom off and glue to the center of the second flowers.

7) Add glue to the center of each pedal on the second flower and push into the center. Using your pedal roller pull back the top of the pedals and curl under.

8)  Pinch and curl the edges of the last two flower.

9) Glue all together alternating pedals... Now the fun begins.... Play with it until you have the look you want.



  1. These are really lovely. Thanks for posting them here.

  2. Wow! Those look real! Great job Tee. :-)

  3. Nice!!!!!!Can't wait to take this class.