Thursday, June 28, 2012

4th of July Basket

Hi All, 4th of July is just around the corner. I wanted to make something to hold the silverware (err plasticware) and napkins for each table. I saw this basket online somewhere and wish I could give credit to it's original designer but I can't find the website so I recreated it by memory and am here to share with you how I did it.

12x12 Sheet of Paper (or 6x6, 9x9)
1 1/4" circle punch (or cut from your cutter)
Embellishments of your choice

Let's get started.
1) Score your paper at 4" and 8". Turn and Score again at 4" and 8" (basically divide your paper into three sections)

2) Cut down the score lines at 4" and 8" down 4". (basically down one box on each end, see sample)
Then cut the center flap into a triangle and both side flaps into thirds. It will look like this.

3) Add adhesive on two of the three strips as see here

4) Bring the strips up on each side as show here

5) Hold the triangle flap up and mark where the one set of flaps hand over the triangle flap and trim.

6) Adhere the triangle flap an either cut off the tip or fold it over to hide.

7)  I then cut two circles, folded them in half and cut a slit down the middle. I cut a strip of paper to use as the handle and added on end into the slit in the circle.  Adhere the circles over the tip of the triangle flap then decorate..........

 Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and make one of your own.... ~~Tee


  1. Too cute! I love it!I was looking through my cart and saw a few to make a basket for the 4th of july but this is perfect.I just saw a tutorial on making paper strawberies by using the flower shoppe cart..LOL...TFS

  2. This is adorable!!!

    might have to make this for my daughters bd party

  3. Tee, This so cute, I can't wait to make this, as always you never disappoint!